Best Sofa Repair and Service

living the space is a services provider firm whose entire format has been created keeping the customer’s mind. This is the reason that all our service remain on our customer’s discretion, for example, their preferred time frame . New Sofa Gallery ’s service partner contribute higher level with effective-cost sofa repair service, sofa Repair installation service. We deliver high-caliber of service at time the way customer’s mandatory.

As we probably am aware Sofa tell our taste, make us look tasteful and we contribute a ton on our furnishings. However, is it simple to contribute over and over on furniture? In the event that it is reasonable likewise, would we truly like to toss the Sofa which we love? I surmise answer is no in light of the fact that it is difficult to toss something when we get associated with that object. What’s more, there is an expression old is gold and yes it is right.

In those days individuals have confidence in virtue and everything goes on for long. Exchanging into something new is acceptable, however imagine a scenario in which the Sofa you love the most and which is so solid can be adjusted into something new.

Truly, you can fix your couch and give your couch new life and look. Shrewd work is in every case more refreshing than difficult work. Changing the vibe of the furniture as indicated by the spot is acceptable however do it shrewdly and in pocket well disposed spending plan. Call The Sofa Store and we will give new look to your couch and make you look brilliant and tasteful.

Sofa Repair

Sofa Repair Services Include:

  • We are a one-stop shop to get all your sofa repairs do at your convenience.
  • Performing an excellent repair of a leather sofa with taking care of delicate crinkles.
  • We repair squashy couches, torn cushions or ripped seams at all times.
  • Our Team never let our customers to worry about the quality of materials. We use high quality fabrics to repair our sofa’s.
  • Professional cleaning, conditioning, and re-coloring will keep your leather sofa like new.
  • Our leather fabric will give lifetime given enough care and attention.
  • You can also customize cushions by adding laces, fringes, tassels, cords, piping, buttons & beads to complement your furniture or the room’s decorative style. Bolsters & boxed cushions can be used to revamp an old sofa.
  • Embedding right foam in your old and antique sofa to make you feel extra cozy.
  • Our Sofa Repair Man is familiar with, and stocks. All types of sofa cushion fillings including – foam, feather, fiber, cold cure, loose fill and Dacron. We will cut foam cushions to size.
  • Stretching of the loosened sealing and covering.

Further if you have any queries contact us. Our experts will attend your call on demand and give you solutions.

Sofa Polishing

Sofa Polishing  is necessary for once in a year. At First, When talking about furniture, it gets older and loses its initial appearance. Though, A regular concern makes it pretty attractive over time. Only a little care by you, your leather sofa can prevent itself from defacing or looking ugly. But it is often difficult to decide what type of polish to use on wooden furniture. The chief concern is whether the polish you use will damage the wooden furniture.

We have professionals for sofa polishing and sofa redesigning. New Sofa Gallery specialist works for its natural charm and roots out the risk of potential damage.  However, Our employers provide satisfactory outcomes by using exact and proper polishes.

Sofa Upholstery

Sofa Upholstery is the material, which include fabric, padding, webbing, and springs—that make up the soft coverings of chairs, sofas, and other furniture. A change in sofa fabric can change the whole story of your home. Moreover, New Sofa Gallery is the best sofa redesigning in the market.

We offer reliable upholstering services. So, that you don’t have run around for it. New Sofa Gallery Upholstery experts design everything that your leather sofa demands. Moreover, Our Professionals delivers the adequate job to mend your old sofa. We can do every possible change in your old or torn sofa. Even the modification will bring out extra luxury and comfort. We also have an equipped team of sofa specialists on call to attend to your squashy couches, torn cushions or ripped seams at all times.

Services  is best polishing in living the space